Season 2 Begins 9/30. Your Homeland Experience Begins Now.

A blistering first season has viewers breathless for the next turn of events. But it’s no time to rest easy. As Homeland gears up for more action, you’re invited to play a pivotal role over the next several weeks by thwarting a terrorist threat.

Become an agent and hunt for clues across the Internet on sites that are portals into Carrie’s mind. You will assess leads, complete missions, and assemble a code that is intertwined with Abu Nazir.

The new season is coming soon. Carrie needs your help now.

New to Homeland?

If you haven’t seen the show, get caught up fast right here. Learn the players and stakes before trying to assess the value of Intel recovered in the field.

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Decode Her Mind. Defend The Nation.

Al-Qaeda commander Abu Nazir plots against America, and Carrie needs you to step up. Dive inside her mind, unravel the clues, and neutralize the threat.

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