Carrie's Plea

Our national security is threatened, and Agent Mathison has never been more alone.

Operational Tactics

Each step on the journey holds several keys to thwarting Nazir. However,
for your progress to be monitored, you must first register as an Agent.


  • An Agency toolbar is accessed by the backwards-E atop each page
  • Click the "plus signs" evidence icons to learn more about critical Intel
  • During missions, take notes before logging Intel to your Evidence Wall

Code Pieces

  • Uncover six backwards-E Code Pieces hidden within Carrie's mind
  • All six, one per mission, will be needed to unlock the end game
  • Click the symbol and, as an Agent, it will be recorded in your toolbar

Add Evidence


  • Continue to explore Carrie's mind until completing the mission
  • The landscape continually evolves; return another day for new Intel
  • Discover the next stage of your journey before that mission is posted

She is the Intel.
You are the agent.

Not only is Carrie convinced that Abu Nazir is planning to strike, she has all the evidence needed to stop his next plot. However, a bipolar depression has driven her into a psychiatric clinic, and the ECT treatments threaten to erase memories that are critical to our nation's defense.

Saul's hands are tied. It’s up to you to heal her psyche. The only way to validate her instincts is to follow them - and stop Abu Nazir's next plot. Good luck.

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