Is porn detrimental to sexual health

Porn videos are an adamant reality of today’s society. After all with so many streaming sites like YouPorn, it’s more easily accessible than ever before. Everyone watches it, from your father to you and your kids. There is almost no-one on this Earth that has never seen a porn video.


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This means that porn has become a fundamental aspect of our culture at this point. More and more people are going into homemade porn, and a career as a porn actor/actress is much less scrutinized these days than it used to be in the days of old.

All of this has led experts to question whether porn is beneficial or detrimental to sexual health. First of all, we must establish that watching porn excessively, as a manner of coping with issues, is not recommended regardless of the outcome of that.

Porn addiction is a real thing, and very often, it can lead to the sexual function of the person with it to cease, or at least minimize itself. This is because real sex is very rarely like the sex found in porn. Women don’t moan like that; not every man has a 10-inch dick, some positions are less pleasurable than they look, etc.

All of these can lead to someone having serious misconceptions about sex. For example, most girls don’t enjoy someone spitting on them, in their mouth or on their vagina. They also don’t moan as if they’re being gutted; this is just flair porn adds to pop out more to the viewer. Watching porn, and by extension actors and actresses with chiseled bodies can also lead to a wrong concept of how a healthy human body looks. This too can lead to negative experience.

Unlike popular belief, this often isn’t the case. A lot of the time porn can help ease the tension about sex. Make one less nervous and know more of what they want to do. It can also help with the sexual awakening of LGBT people, for whom porn might be the first time they realize their sexuality.

Aside from that, it can even help established couples, as it can offer new positions to try, new roleplays, even new kinks can be discovered through porn. All of this can lead to a beneficial sexual relationship between two people.