In life, there comes a time when your sex drive gets too low, making it impossible to enjoy sex. However much you or your partner tries to get you aroused, you are not able to get and hold an erection that is strong enough to have sex.

Here are some of the drugs that will improve your sex life:


Sildenafil was the first drug that was prescribed for treating erectile dysfunction. The original brand of this drug is Viagra but when Pfizer lost its patent rights, other generic companies came up to make a generic version of the brand Viagra. Today almost every man suffering from erectile dysfunction can afford to buy the drug over the counter as the cost is not as high as it was before.

There is a need to talk to a doctor so that he can assist you to know the right dose for you. this will depend on your health, age, and your general health condition.

When you take Sildenafil, you’ll be able to hold a strong erection for the next four hours.


Tadalafil is also an effective erectile dysfunction drug that is available in the market in different brand names. The brand Cialis was the first Tadalafil brand that was sold at a high cost but later, other generic companies made generic versions that are sold at lower prices.

You need to speak to your doctor before taking Tadalafil so that he can decide the right dose for you. when you take Tadalafil, you’ll be able to enjoy sex for 36 hours without the fear that you’ll not get an erection. This is why men refer to Tadalafil as the weekend pill.

For most erectile dysfunction drugs, you should only take them once in 24 hours. Even if you fail to achieve the desired effect, you should wait until 24 hours are over to take another dose. If you fail to follow this rule, these drugs will lead to serious side effects.