Sex is an important part of your marriage and if you fail to work on it, your relationship will suffer. Some habits that you consider insignificant will go a longway in spicing up your sex life and your marriage life in general.

Here are some ways you can maintain a healthy sex life in your marriage:

Communicate a Lot

To have great sex, you need to hold genuine communication with your spouse where each has time to talk and listen. Talk about what you want in sex, what turns you on and what puts you off the mood. If your partner is able to know all these, you will definitely enjoy a healthy sex life throughout your marriage.

Send Signals

Letting your partner know that you desire her will make him/her feel wanted and loved. He will look forward to your reunion during sex which will make it enjoyable.

You can make a call and let your partner know he is in your thoughts or even send a romantic sex message. Let her know you are expecting a special treat when you meet after work and with this, you’ll enjoy some good sex.

Exercise Together

When both of you are in the right state of health, you will not get ashamed of enjoying sex. You will not feel awkward when you are naked in front of your partner. With this, sex will become enjoyable every time one of you asks for it.

Plan for Sex

Though spontaneous sex is amazing, nothing feels better like knowing you are making plans to have sex. You will get enough time to prepare by taking a shower, putting on something sexy and being in your best behavior. With this, you will enjoy your time together and the sex in such moments is unforgettable.

Make Suggestive Touch Severally

You can make it a habit to keep touching your partner in a manner suggesting that you want her. This could be in the kitchen, on the corridor or even in the sitting area when you get the time. This will send the right signs and when you finally get into sex, it will be amazing.